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period products with nothing to hide.

our periods are natural and our vaginas are toxin-free. at LUÜNA, we make products which keep them that way. 

no more toxins. no more taboos. no more secrets. 

Our Ingredients

social impact

10% of every purchase funds period product donations to people who need them.

Thanks to you, we've raised over 35,000 pads and 1,000 LUÜNA Period Cups for donation to vulnerable groups and frontline medical staff across Asia.


Our global vision

As Asia's social impact period care company, we provide access to awesome toxin-free products and taboo-free menstrual health education for all those who need it. Through this, we're making periods better; for our bodies, our planet and those in need.

— Olivia, CEO & Founder Read Story

Toxin-free products.

We have vaginas, so we know how important it is to keep them free of harmful toxins and synthetics. Our products use only the mostly highly-certified organic cotton that is grown without toxic pesticides & fertilizers. Rest assured, each of our products is tested and loved by the women behind our brand.

Our Products

Our Social Impact

Our mission is to ensure all people have access to toxin-free period care and can live unhindered by menstrual stigma.

As such, we’ve established The LUÜNA Period Collective; a network of social impact partners whose communities we support by providing healthy period products & taboo-free menstrual health education.


Super soft certified organic cotton

Our cotton is free from harmful synthetics, fragrances and toxic chemicals found in conventional cotton products.


Buy a cup, give a cup

100% medical grade silicone - so no nasty chemicals. Super soft, flexy-fit that moulds to your unique shape. For every cup sold, we donate one to fight period poverty and reduce plastic period waste.


What our customers say

These are seriously the softest pads ever! I’ve tried different types of pads and most of them were uncomfortable but Luuna’s pads are REALLY SOFT! It’s also super absorbent and I felt like I was supported by soft fluffy clouds the entire day.

— Kristy

LUÜNA is all about girl power and I love it. Healthier products and education for women. This is the future of feminine care.

— Karen

I'm so glad I tried the period cup, it was a lot easier to adopt than I expected and I want to recommend it to all the women out there! Wished I had been introduced to this earlier!

— Julie
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