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period care that's kind to our bodies & our planet.

we have periods too, so we create toxin-free products that are healthy, feel good and perform. they've changed our lives and the lives of our community across Asia.

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these are seriously the softest pads ever! I’ve tried different types of pads and most of them were uncomfortable but Luuna’s pads are REALLY SOFT! It’s also super absorbent and I felt like I was supported by soft fluffy clouds the entire day.

— Kristy

LUÜNA is all about girl power and I love it. Healthier products and education for women. This is the future of feminine care.

— Karen

i'm so glad I tried the period cup, it was a lot easier to adopt than I expected and I want to recommend it to all the women out there! Wished I had been introduced to this earlier!

— Julie
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our commitment to tackling period poverty in Asia

10% of every purchase funds donations of period products to communities in need across Asia, and for every cup sold, we donate one too.

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our vision

LUÜNA is a purpose-driven period care company built in Asia by a 100% female leadership team. Our mission is to make periods better through conscious products & programs that tackle menstrual stigma. — Olivia, CEO & Founder

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