We support women and menstruating employees to thrive everyday.

We partner with companies to close the gender health gap at work through the provision of expert educational programs and sustainable menstrual care amenities.

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The status quo in the workplace:

miss work more than once a year due to negative menstrual symptoms

feel they can't discuss menstrual or reproductive health needs with their employer

have had a negative experience at work due to not having access to menstrual products

- Deloitte, Women @ Work Report 2022

"When the specific needs of women and menstruating people are met, companies can improve diversity at all levels, improve performance, attract top talents and reduce attrition."

Our equity and wellbeing programs provide:

Sustainable Amenities

Eco-friendly menstrual care products provided through our innovative bathroom dispenser system.

Bespoke Workshops

Our proprietary and gender inclusive workshops / webinars promote menstrual equity for all.

Wellness Benefits

Employees can purchase or subscribe to our sustainable menstrual care products at a discount.

Olivia, LUÜNA founder, Hong Kong Women's Health Advocate of the Year 2021, Forbes 30 Under 30 2021

"Our team comprises leading menstrual equity educators. This, alongside our world-class product technology, allows us to deliver the most comprehensive yet human solution for your workplace needs."


Meet just a few of our global partners

Visa x LUÜNA

Visa x LUÜNA

We are delighted to announce that VISA is the latest global corporation to launch our LUÜNA AT WORK program.

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"I have completely switched to Luuna products. They are super comfortable and never leak!" - Shay