Our global initiative to end menstrual stigma, promote female health & reduce plastic period waste.

Why Join ‘A New Normal’

This initiative promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality, Health and Climate Action. It's designed to support the wellbeing of your staff & form an essential part of your CSR.

By providing our organic cotton products in your space, we can overcome the common inconvenience of being caught-short without healthy period care.

Moreover, our workshops provide the knowledge needed to create monthly menstrual experiences that are both pain-free and plastic-free.

We also use a portion of profits from partnerships to fund reusable product donations to local low income communities. So by joining 'A New Normal,' you're making periods better for our bodies, our planet and our sisters in need.

This is the 'New Normal'. Contact hello@luuna-naturals.com to join.

How ‘A New Normal’ works

Step 1

You supply LUÜNA organic cotton period care in your space

Step 2

We host Healthy & Planet-Friendly Period workshops for your company

Step 3

Then we use a portion of profits from our partnership to fund menstrual cup donations to women and girls in need

‘A New Normal’

Become one of our partners and join us in championing gender equality, wellness for women and empower your people to reduce plastic waste. Help us to create ‘A New Normal’.

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