Harnessing the Kick-ass Magic of your Monthly Cycle • with Karma Yogi Kirst

The Kick-ass Magic of your Monthly Cycle


Due to a combination of stigma & lack of education surrounding menstrual health, many people with periods are unaware of the changes their bodies experience each month.

But what if we saw our monthly cycles as an opportunity to discover the awesome dynamism to our bodies? Let's debunk some of those myths surrounding negative emotions, take back the reigns, and use these changes as tools for success.

We’re stoked to honour this in partnership with close friend of ours, Kirsty, who has curated an exclusive series of four yoga sessions that will be hosted on her platform and later, our IGTV.

Menstruation: your period

Welcome to day one of your cycle!  Your period has just started, and hormones are at an all-time low, which signals to your brain to shed the lining of your uterus.

We often associate this time with negative emotions like anxiety & depression, as well as negative physical sensations such as fatigue, cramping, and bloating.

Hold up, what are the positives, and how can we harness them?
  • A greater sense of intuition (an essential quality in leadership, FYI)
  • A greater ability to reflect
Tips to make the best of this time
  • Grab your journal and write your thoughts down: take time to regroup
  • Don’t beat yourself up for not firing in all cylinders: embrace and welcome the changes you are experiencing
Kirsty’s top yoga tip
  • Slow Hatha movements
  • Plenty of meditation
  • Yogic sleep

Follicular: the bit at the end of your period & straight after

Your period has just ended - woohoo!  Now, what’s going on?  Estrogen and testosterone are rising.  For many, this time is associated with feeling awesome. This phase typically lasts around two weeks, with ovulation overlapping in the middle.

Hold up, what are the positives, and how can we harness them?
  • Oodles of creative power
  • Increased sociability
  • Increased sex drive
Tips to make the best of this time
  • Harness that creativity and try something new.  Capitalise on this feeling and try that new thing you’ve always wanted to do.  Brainstorm and plan your attack for the coming weeks.
  • Communicate/verbalise your ideas to your friends, family & coworkers
  • Enjoy your orgasms with that heightened sex drive
Kirsty’s top yoga tip
  • Try playful vinyasa, creative sequencing, exploring your sense of balance
  • Get sweaty with more intense workouts as cortisol levels rise

Ovulation: the kick-ass bit in the middle 

You’re ovulating!  Estrogen and testosterone are peaking during this time, which on average occurs around day 14-16 from the day you started your period.

Hold up, what are the positives, and how can we harness them?
  • Communication & collaborative skills are at their peak
  • Sex drive is at an all-time high
Tips to make the best of this time
  • Use this time to have important conversations with people around you
  • Indulge in the beauty & power of your sexuality!
Kirsty’s top yoga tip
  • Explore dynamic Vinyasa sequences designed to build inner heat 
  • Discover new limits with newfound energy

Luteal: running up to your next period

This is the longest phase and, whilst at the end we start to experience and associate with PMS symptoms, we’re actually entering an awesome phase where we are capable of achieving LOADS.

Hold up, what are the positives, and how can we harness them?
  • Task-oriented
  • Increased pleasure in getting-things-done
Tips to make the best of this time
  • Use this time to complete any overdue tasks, as you may experience a greater sense of pleasure in doing so!
Kirsty’s top yoga tip
  • Balance out fiery yang practices (such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga) with more subtle practices such as Yin Yoga
  • Balance out with a Yin & Yang practice, as you prepare for the low energy menstrual phase