LUÜNA organic cotton period care & period cup now at Watsons Hong Kong

"Make no mistake, this is not just the launch of a new brand in Watsons; it is a monumental moment for all people with periods in Hong Kong."

By Olivia, our founder & CEO  

Few can say they’ve had a powerful visceral reaction to a box of tampons but this is how my 2021 began; standing awestruck in the personal care aisle at Watsons, admiring our range of healthy period products on shelves.

I frankly can’t believe I’m able to say these words but Watsons is now the latest retailer to support us in creating honest periods for every body in Asia. We are now available online on the Watsons E-store and in over 30 physical stores across Hong Kong.

I have dreamt of this moment for years and long before LUÜNA was even a concept, I stood in these very same aisles longing for more choice, more education and more transparency in the period care space. 

No words can describe how it felt to see our beautiful cardboard packaging on shelves; every color, pattern and word chosen with care and love by the women who have built this brand from the ground up. 

^ healthy period care that looks good & performs - now @ Watsons HK


This is a huge step in our mission to eradicate menstrual stigma, so thank you to our team and our community for making this happen. You are defining a future that looks brighter for all people who bleed in our city.

^ our commÜnity at stores across the city!  


Watsons stocking our products signals the end to ludicrous but all-too-common experiences we endure month upon month: bye-bye emergency toilet paper pads; see ya to suitcases used to smuggle hefty supplies of tampons across borders; peace out to plastic-heavy products whose ingredients are hidden from view.

^ LUÜNA Leader @zig.fitmama getting her cup from Watsons, Central   


To quote one of our community members, "Omg!!!!!!! YES!!!! So proud. Thank you for all your work and for changing my perception of my bleeding. Have loved LUÜNA since day one and so happy to see you soar."

So today we celebrate greater access to healthy period products, the advancement of conscious consumerism and the rise of purpose-driven business in Asia.

Support us and visit your nearest period care aisle at Watsons. Find LUÜNA naturals at your nearest Watsons store or shop online at

Olivia, founder & CEO at LUÜNA naturals
Asia's social impact period care company, led by women.