Keeping it fresh on your period

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, 

periods can get pretty messy but for sure,


Now that we've got that out of the way, here are a few tips on how to stay fresh on your period, and show a lil’ TLC to your vulva.   

Change your pad/tampon ~frequently~

By frequently, we mean every 3 - 4 hours for pads and 4 - 6 hours for tampons, depending on your flow and product absorbency. The longer you leave your pad or tampon in, the higher chance it could lead to an infection, nobody's got time for that. 

Period's shouldn't smell bad...

Word on the street is that periods smell bad. The thing is, they don't. "Yeah, but they do" we hear you thinking. Hear us out, we've got some science up our sleeve.

Healthy periods have a natural smell, of blood. They may even have a slight metallic smell from iron and bacteria. 
Generally speaking, that odor shouldn't be noticeable to others. Good hygiene practices can combat this, as can avoiding the use of conventional plastic and synthetic products which are not breathable and can irritate our bodies leading to infection. 

But we have to understand that the 'natural' smell it is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL, it's the bad smells that aren't and there are so many ways to avoid this (and care for your body better whilst doing so). 

Here's how you can alleviate this problem...

1.Use a period cup 

Period cups collects your period blood instead of absorbing it like pads or tampons. This means your blood isn't directly exposed to air and bacteria, meaning, less odour, less chances of infection and significantly less chances of leaks too!

 2. Use organic cotton pads and change your pads more frequently

It’s so important to know what your pads are made of. Many traditional period brand pads are made with synthetics (fake cotton = plastic!) and/or conventional cotton, which is grown with harmful pesticides, fertilisers, and nasty chemicals that we definitely don’t want touching the most sensitive and absorbent parts of our bodies. Please do yourself a favour and switch to organic cotton pads that are toxin and chemical free and abundantly more breathable. 

We also can’t stress this enough, change your pads! The smell gets stronger the longer you wear them, as your sweat mixes with bacteria. We'd recommend changing your tampon or pad every few hours, or every time you go to the bathroom. Keep it fresh!

3. Douching - no need lah!

Keep them away from your social circle, keep them further away from your vagina. Your vagina cleans itself naturally, it has its own cleaning mechanism throughout your cycle (small moment to appreciate how AMAZING our vaginas are). When it comes to cleaning, water is your best friend but, if you really want to clean your area down there, you can go for pH balance feminine wash. It’s very important to maintain your vaginal pH level acidic, which keeps your vagina happy and healthy, and keeps bacteria growth low. 

4. Shower!

We’re not here to remind you to take regular showers 😂 , but we’re here to remind you to wash front to back (like how you should wipe too). 

Who doesn’t love a nice shower after a long day of work, or, 30 minutes under Hong Kong’s humid sun! A showers not exactly always possible throughout the day though. Luckily we've got something a little more convenient for you - say hello to TWO L(I)PS who have these really cool pH-balanced wipes that can really come in handy.

The wipes contain cleansing and antibacterial agents that work to eliminate dirt, sweat and excess sebum, also properties to support collagen production and moisturise your skin. They are perfect for a quick cleanse when your period gets a bit out of hand, or to simply refresh your vulva area. Did we also mention that their wipes are made of natural cotton that is biodegradable AND organic? We give this a 10 out of 10.

Since we love them so much, we wanted to share these vulva and earth loving wipes with you - TWO L(I)PS Wipeout samples can be added to any purchase on our website throughout May 2021, simply add the sample to your cart before checkout.

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Don’t forget, May is Menstrual Health Month, stay tuned on our Instagram and blog for more educational content. Here’s to healthier vaginas and periods!