LUÜNA Organic Cotton Night Pads (29cm)


We've been hard at work...

Sisterhood, you described our organic cotton pads as ‘the softest, most comfortable’ period experience of your lives. And, when you said you wanted a longer version for those heavy flow days, we listened.

The LUÜNA Organic Cotton Night Pad; 29cm of super soft organic cotton, created with love by our team of healthy period enthusiasts.

Why is The LUÜNA Organic Cotton Night Pad so special?

What our pads have:

Topsheet: Made from imported organic cotton that has been certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard, this material is totally synthetic-free, grown without toxic chemicals and produced under ethical standards. It's hypoallergenic too, protecting your vagina from itches, irritations and other health issues related to non-organi c pads.

Core: Made from degradable all-natural wood fluff with high absorbency SAP for added protection from leaks.

Certifications: We have certifications in spades and all our products are FDA-Approved and SGS-tested to be safe and healthy for use.

What our pads don’t have:

Viscose, rayon, pesticide residue, chlorine, toxic fragrances, dyes and other nasty substances found in traditional non-organic period products.

    Our Personal Quality Assurance

    We’ve personally tested and proven these pads to provide protection from leaks on even the heaviest flow days, whilst also keeping our bodies free from the nasty toxins found in traditional non-organic cotton pads.

    Shipping is always FREE with a minimum spend of HK$100. 

    We ship to Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

    Orders are usually dispatched within 2 days. Shipping usually takes 2 to 7 business days. If you have not received your products, feel free to contact us.

    Due to the personal nature of our products, we don’t offer returns if you change your mind once the order has been dispatched. However, please feel free to drop us a message if there’s a reason for your change of heart that you think should be eligible for a refund. Please read our full Shipping & Returns policy.

    Customer Reviews

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    100% organic cotton
    Hypoallergenic Irritation-free
    Natural wood fluff core
    Free from toxic chemicals
    Supports the Sisterhood

    Healthy, toxin-free periods

    We have vaginas, so we know how important it is to keep them free of harmful toxins and synthetics. So, our products use only the mostly highly-certified organic cotton that’s grown without toxic pesticides & fertilizers. This certification also ensures workers are treated fairly along the supply chain, so you know your purchase hasn’t come at the cost of someone else’s health and happiness.

    FYI, we also keep them free of the bleaches, fragrances, viscose and polyester that you find in many traditional brand products. Rest assured, each of our products is tested and loved by the women behind our brand.
    FDA approved.



    LUÜNA is all about girl power and I love it. Healthier products and education for women. This is the future of feminine care. — Karen
    My period is an indicator of my overall health, so using LUÜNA's chemical-free organic cotton products is important to me. — Sinki

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