Large LUÜNA Period Cup


Created with super soft, medical-grade silicone, we designed the LUÜNA Period Cup with a special flexy-fit technology which moulds to your unique shape.

Many have called it 'the softest cup ever made', making it the perfect choice for curious first-time users, as well as experienced cup users seeking a more comfortable choice.


More About Our Cup:

  • 100% medical grade silicone (made by professionals to sit safely inside your body)
  • Super soft and flexible to mould to your unique body shape
  • Easy removal with a handy ridged stem
  • Use for up to 8 years
  • Comes with an eco-friendly (and very cute) cloth storage pouch


For every cup sold, we donate one to fight period poverty in Asia.


We source our cup from local high-quality production partners to bring you the most comfortable experience. We love it, and so will you! 


Still curious about the cup? Join our Facebook cup commÜnity where we connect, share experiences, facts, and tips with one another.


How do I choose my LUÜNA cup size?

How do I insert my LUÜNA cup?

How do I remove my LUÜNA cup? 

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