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This powerful all-natural duo is designed to ease menstrual symptoms and support self-care throughout the month. It's perfect as a self-care set for yourself, or a thoughtful and eco-conscious gift set for someone you love.

The GOOD FOR Ü Kit contains 1x 10ml LUÜNA Cycle Wellness Oil and 1x Flaxseed Cramp Pillow. 

These are effective products for anyone experiencing tension during their menstrual cycle or other life stages such as peri-menopause. They can also be used in daily life to reduce tension and symptoms of stress, for wellbeing of body and mind.

Cycle Wellness Oil

Key ingredients include: Sweet Almond, Dang-gui, Mugwort, Yan-hu-suo, Saffron, Geranium Burbon, Tropical Basil, True Lavender

How to use: 

Simply roll on to your abdomen area or pulse points, massage gently and relax.

Flaxseed Cramp Pillow

Key ingredients include: Organic linen outer sleeve, lavender-infused flaxseed filling 

How to use:

To heat a flaxseed pillow, place it in a microwave for a few minutes.  All pillows should be heated for 1-2 minutes in 30 second intervals.  The age and power of your microwave plays a role in the time needed for heating. Please test gently on your skin before applying the pillow fully after removing from microwave.

To cool a flaxseed pillow, place it in your freezer for a few hours. 



Our Product Ethos

We unite ecologically-considerate innovation with doctor-recommended natural materials, creating solutions that are are effective whilst always kind to our skin.

By working with clinically proven ingredients and incorporating best practices from Traditional Chinese medicine, our products form modern rituals to support holistic cycle wellness.

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