Free Periods HK is the only charitable group in Hong Kong providing support to low-income women through the supply of free sustainable menstrual products.

We support founder Zoe Chan by giving a period cup for every cup we sell through our BUY-A-CUP, GIVE-A-CUP initiative, and donating a portion of profits from our organic cotton subscription service.

Find out more at www.freeperiods.hk

有䈻且美 Bright & Beautiful

In rural China, there is almost no support for young girls in under-resourced areas in China regarding the changes in their bodies, transitions in their psychological development and challenges in their interpersonal relationships.

有䈻且美 Bright & Beautiful is an innovative education initiative founded in 2013 that works to support these adolescent girls through embodied art camps and transitional workshops. 10% of subscription sales in mainland China support the work of 有 䈻且美 Bright & Beautiful.

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