Priya, Singapore

LUÜNA Leader

It all ties back into the troubles I faced in my period journey. Periods had been the worst for me as I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years back. It was caught very early and I have fully recovered now. But one it was one of the main reasons that made me dread my period. On top of that, using the period products available in the market never gave me the comfort I needed to get through my period. Being an Indian, even using tampons was a taboo let alone cups. For me, it was a difficult journey transitioning to cups as I had no one by my side to guide me or support me through the transition. "What are menstrual cups?, How do I insert such a big thing in my vagina etc etc" Though there were answers available online but it always helps when you have someone out there going through the same thing to guide you. Now, that I am a cup convert, I want to be there for all the girls out there who need a support or just someone to be there to hear them out.

— Priya

Priya is originally from India but now living in Singapore. She's an avid reader, enjoys swimming and is a creative designer by profession.

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Priya Loves

Organic Cotton Pads

⭐️ SUPER SOFT and COMFORTABLE! The reason why I steered away from pads to the cup was because of the pad rash caused by friction! Honestly the topsheet is the softest!

⭐️ Heavy flow day 2 was a breeze, no stain, no icky wet feeling.

⭐️ One of the biggest things that I look for in pads is the stickiness of the wings...this wings on this pad didn’t lift throughout my wear time.

I’m stoked I can use them without feeling guilty about the harm most of the other liners and pads out there do to the environment.