the LUÜNA Period Collective

a global network of social initiatives, whose communities in need we support to combat period poverty and menstrual stigma.

Meet our Period Collective

Hong Kong and China

Rolling Books

through events and workshops relating to reading, the organisation aims to engage students and community members to enrich knowledge and to be resilient to the ever-changing society.


provides support to low-income women through the supply of free sustainable menstrual products.

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge

a home away from home for women migrant workers in distress seeking justice.

Impact HK

to provide the homeless with a connection to friends, society and a safe and comfortable home.

Mother’s Choice

charity serving children without families and pregnant teenagers.

Table of Two Cities

a grassroots project to document stories from the refugee community in Hong Kong, through the medium of food.

Bright and Beautiful

bringing embodied arts to girls in rural China to help them develop self-esteem and unlock potential.



advocates for gender equality and provides critical support services for women in Singapore.


Free The Flow

a student-led project combatting period poverty on campuses and within wider communities.

Swansea Takes On Period Poverty (STOPP)

aims to raise awareness, distribute products, and to challenge the stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation.

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