Our Impact Business Model

We apply a minimum of 1% of annual revenue to fund the provision of period products and body literacy resources to vulnerable local groups.

On top of this, we run additional Giving Campaigns throughout the year, partnering with communities, brands and businesses, to increase the number of vulnerable people receiving support through our programs. 

To-date, this work has spanned Hong Kong, rural China, Singapore, Nepal and the UK.

Annual Giving

We are a proud partner to The Red Box Project, an initiative from The Zubin Foundation to provide period care for vulnerable girls in Hong Kong's ethnic minority community.

Currently, we have provided products and education for over 500 girls through this initiative. Our work in this project has shown lessened financial burden, reduced number of days missing school and work, and improved experiences of menstruation overall in the community.

Giving Campaigns

In Q1 2022, we responded to Hong Kong's 'fifth wave' of Covid by launching an urgent Giving Campaign to support our city's most vulnerable women and girls.

Working with Grassroots Future and Refugee Union, we served 488 periods with free organic period care, double what we set out to achieve when we launched the campaign.

How You Can Be Involved

You can support this work simply by purchasing our products online or in retailers.

Additionally, when you sign your workplace up to our LUÜNA AT WORK Programs, you're directly contributing to our period poverty initiatives.

For more information about our next Giving Campaign, planned for May 2023, get in touch with our team below.

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