Period Poverty Initiatives

We believe that everyone should have access to safe and healthy period care, including products and body literacy resources.

We work on long-term initiatives, as well as campaign-driven projects, to support local communities in overcoming period poverty. To-date, this work has spanned Hong Kong, rural China, Singapore, Nepal and the UK.

Ongoing Work

The Red Box Project

We are a proud partner to The Red Box Project, an initiative from The Zubin Foundation to provide period care for vulnerable girls in Hong Kong's ethnic minority community.

Currently, we have provided products and education for over 500 girls through this initiative. Our work in this project has shown lessened financial burden, reduced number of days missing school and work, and improved experiences of menstruation overall in the community.

Period Poverty Campaigns

Save & Give

In the last quarter, we've dedicated campaigns to support local communities most affected by the fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. With the help of our community members, we've served 488 periods in total, providing period care to almost double the periods we originally set out for.

Today, we continue providing healthy and comfortable periods in our community and beyond with amazing partners, including NGOs, student organisations, and other period poverty iniatives.