organic cotton plastic-free applicator tampon

the organic cotton applicator tampon your vaginas have been waiting for

for tampon-loving menstruators

six months ago, our LUÜNA team began working tirelessly on a new product we know that your vaginas have all been waiting for. with the help of the world’s leading producers of safe personal care products, based in Germany, we have created our first cardboard applicator tampon.

excited? so are we.

applicator tampons are the most popular tampon in Asia - and why wouldn’t it be? its ease and convenience are a no-brainer for tampon-loving menstruators. traditionally, applicator tampons from major brands are made of plastic. with an average menstruator disposing of 11,000 menstrual products in their lifetime, plastic applicators was never an option for us.

no more toxins

staying true to our values of no more toxins, we have developed our first cardboard applicator. with a little help from our applicator, our organic cotton tampons can be inserted into your vagina with ease, absorbing your period blood with the same fluffy organic cotton goodness that gives you comfortable, healthy and irritation-free periods. plus, every organic cotton tampon is biodegradable in 4-6 months.

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— Olivia

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