Mayara, Hong Kong

LUÜNA Leader

I have heard so many positive things about the LUÜNA period Cup and have always wanted to try but was honestly a bit nervous in the beginning. But now that I’ve given it a try - there is no going back. I can’t wait to share this with my friends and encourage them to use it. It doesn't just feel natural to my body but also does good to the environment.

— Mayara

Mayara is a health and performance specialist/strength and conditioning coach and is well-versed in working with athletes of all levels. When she found CrossFit it became an important part of her life, she naturally made the transition to coaching. Mayara specialises in movement and mobility, and is passionate about teaching people how to optimise their movement patterns to make their workouts more effective and prevent injury.

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Mayara Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

My favourite product is the LUÜNA period cup. The packaging was so eye-catching, fun and cute which quickly grabbed my attention. The cup was soft and flexible which made insertion pretty easy. It was so practical, hygienic and comfortable and I loved it. The best thing is I can use it when I workout and not have to worry about leaks. They gave me a completely new feeling and I felt so confident using them.