Marisa, Hong Kong

LUÜNA Leader

LUÜNA is more than just a period care brand. It reimagined the way I look at my own body knowing that a lot of what I experience and feel during period are shaped by bad product design, misleading marketing and society perceptions.

I know my body is valued and protected from toxins with LUÜNA. I have two homes, earth and my body, and they help me take care of them both!

— Marisa

A proud marmite girl, Marisa is always living in the present moment. She’s her own leader of the life choices that she makes. She believes, your best self comes in many forms, and she ensures everything that she does embraces ‘happy body, happy mind’.

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Marisa Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

The LUÜNA Period Cup allows me to just be myself, so that I do me, every day. It just feels part of me! It makes me feel strong and confident, and at the same time, allows me to understand my body more. Through my period, I get to build an even healthier relationship with myself month in, month out.