Karen, Hong Kong

LUÜNA Leader

I've seen LUÜNA grow from strength to strength since the beginning in HK and I'm super keen to represent and recommend a brand that has values that align with my own. Apart from creating effective and affordable products women need and love, LUÜNA also empowers female and creatives as a brand, something that I absolutely adore and want to stand behind.

— Karen

Karen is a multi-passionate ADHD INFP. She’s always interested in anything to do with wellbeing, fitness and mental health. You'll almost always find her lurking on Instagram (@livewellbasics), unless she’s busy planning someone else's social media strategies. Her hair is naturally curly, and you can most definitely ask her about cafes or boutique gyms around town.

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Karen Loves

LUÜNA Organic Cotton Pads

My fave product is def the Organic Cotton Pads! I'm a pads kind of girl and I know a lot of other girls are too. Sometimes it is intimidating to think about tampons and cups... I love LUÜNA's pads because they are extremely soft and does its job well, but I can rest knowing they are designed and made with my (vagina's) wellbeing in mind. I also love that I can recycle the paper packaging.