Jasmine, Singapore

LUÜNA Leader

I like a brand who cares about women in the most private area, creates products that don't harm us or the planet or the people making them, have a platform and community for sisterhood to be open to talk about anything, including our monthly periods and learn from one another through sharing!

— Jasmine

An ex-shopaholic, hoarder, collector and a well organized one, Jasmine Tuan is a designer, a creative brand consultant, who co-owned fashion concept store 'Blackmarket' in Singapore featuring the best of Asia designers (2008-2013). She went from having a walk-in wardrobe, downsized to a rack full, to zero shopping on new fashion items especially fast fashion items since 2018. She began her zero waste journey in the same year, by applying the 5Rs principles daily in this order: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot or compost the rest. She added 'Rethink' in front of the 5Rs as she believes everything starts from the head.

Jasmine now owns a second hand fashion store 'Blackmarket Preloved Store' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a mission to circulate good fashion pieces within the community and country before recycling. Jasmine soon discovers more Rs in her zero waste journey which keeps her sane, and now shares her stories and learning at SmilesLikeGreenSpirit.com in the hope to help others on their road to reach zero waste nirvana. One R at a time.

Follow her on IG @jsmntuan, @smileslikegreenspirit, @blackmarketpreloved.

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Jasmine Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

It's so soft, I can't feel anything inside me! I wanted to try the larger size for my heavier flow days and was surprised that it snug right in.