Huda, Singapore

LUÜNA Leader

I hope to do my part to make feminine health a topic that is spoken about openly and comfortably. I love LUÜNA’s efforts in giving back and am honoured to be part of the process! Changing just one person’s perception of conventional menstrual products is a big achievement for me.

— Huda

Huda is passionate about beauty, feminine health, and keeping an active lifestyle.

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Huda Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

I've been using the cup for about a year now and have recently swapped over to LUÜNA's. I especially love the fact that it is red, which avoids staining and the fact that it is easy to use and comfortable. I've been recommending the cup for the duration that I've been using it :) I think it works extremely well and helps with keeping productivity up e.g through exercise, etc.