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We strive to live a highly active lifestyle, and in the past, having our periods would get in the way of us enjoying the outdoors. However, after trying the LUÜNA Cup, we were both so comfortable with it, we forgot we even had our periods! We want all women to experience the relief and happiness we felt, so that they too can pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We strongly believe that periods should be neither an inconvenience nor a taboo, and we love that LUÜNA helps promote this.

— GetHigh

GetHigh are both Indian girls who grew up in Hong Kong. They started their hiking blog as two best friends, itching for something new to do. Their friendship has been built on one crazy experience after another, from stripping down in shady Moroccan hammams, raving in abandoned island shacks, to exploring mountains in Sapa with the H'mong people. So, it was only natural that they turned to Hong Kong’s hidden gems, their beautiful hikes, waterfalls and beaches. What originally began as a new year’s resolution to do a hike a week turned into an incredible collection of hiking directions, photos, videos and tips that they thought would be useful for people equally passionate about the outdoors (or have an exercise resolution to live up to).

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LUÜNA Period Cup

Our favourite LUÜNA product is the period cup! Not only is it pink and so cute, it's also the softest cup we've tried. It's so easy to insert, and lasts all day.