“It's time we were empowered to know exactly
what we put inside our bodies every month,
and know that it's healthy & safe.”

If you’ve ever lived in Asia, you may be familiar with the concept of ‘tampon muling’ - the act of filling a suitcase with basic feminine care products during trips abroad.

In 2015, whilst lugging a hefty 12 month tampon stash back to Hong Kong, I decided this shouldn’t be the status quo for modern women. I decided I'd contact an existing tampon brand to help them grow their presence in Asia & increase access to the products myself & my friends needed.

Quickly however, I realised there was no brand I would proudly advocate for - even those I’d used for years. I didn’t like their branding, I didn’t know what they stood for beyond just selling products and crucially, I had no idea what their products were even made of.

My research revealed that without knowing it, over 90% of women in Asia use tampons & pads made of non-degradable synthetics like polyster, viscose & rayon. Moreover, the small amount of cotton used in these products is conventional cotton AKA the ‘dirtiest crop in the world’ which is grown with toxic pesticides & fertilizers. I immediately stopped using these products and profoundly, the irritations i’d experienced for years but dismissed as ‘normal,’ went away.

Through the following 4 years of research, I found that few of us know the impact our products have on our health and our planet. Many of us are seeking better period care, both in regards to products and information, but we have no where to turn. Until now.

As Asia’s first female-led period care company, LUÜNA is driven by a mission to change the way women & girls experience menstruation.

By creating healthy, more sustainable products that we personally love, as well as taboo-free content around our bodies, we will establish a fresh, open and honest approach to modern womanhood in the region.

join the sisterhood x