Chiara, Hong Kong

LUÜNA Leader

I first found out about LUÜNA naturals in 2018/19 when I met Olivia at their very first offline event in Hong Kong. It amazed me and made me so happy to see a brand dedicated towards education, empowerment the way LUÜNA is and more so, was created by the user, for the user.

Since then, I have watched LUÜNA grow to be who they are today and I am so proud of the company and everything it has achieved. I have been lucky enough to booth for LUÜNA at a market in 2019 where I got to share my love for the brand and my knowledge about their products and cause.

It’s important for me to feel represented by a brand and as a young woman on her journey towards better health and mindful living, I feel very represented by LUÜNA naturals. I would love the opportunity to share LUÜNA's mission and vision with other menstruators and encourage people to adopt a more healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle.

— Chiara

Chiara is a recent graduate and co-founder of HK based low-waste store PRTHV. She is now 2 years and counting into her low waste period journey and loves spreading education and tips to other menstruators on how they can transition too. She is currently in the midst of changing her lifestyle habits towards one that is more conscious and low impact.

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Chiara Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

The LUÜNA period cup, due to its ease of use!