Atiqah, Singapore

LUÜNA Leader

I've always looked up to people who care enough to get out there and make a change. I appreciate how LUÜNA not only creates sustainable feminine products that are good for the body but also gives back to the community. It is amazing how one simple menstrual cup totally changed my perspective on the topic of sustainability and I hope to pass on the knowledge to the people in my community!

— Atiqah

Atiqah works in the beauty industry where what's outside is so important. As she got into fitness, she realized that feeling good inside is equally as important. Being part of the Malay community in Singapore, she understands the stigma that the older generation has about these non-conventional menstrual products. And so, she hopes to play her part in tackling the stigma.

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Atiqah Loves

LUÜNA Period Cup

My favourite LUÜNA product has got to be the cup. It only took me 1 day to get the hang of it and now I'm hooked! It is absolutely fuss-free in my opinion as I don't have to worry about carrying extra products to the toilet. I feel so accomplished seeing no pad packaging waste in my trash. Best of all, I don't feel a thing while using it!