3 x 8 Regular Organic Cotton Applicator Tampon

HKD$108 HKD$120

Love our applicator tampons? save 10% off when you buy a stash of 3 boxes! 

our applicator tampons are made with a super soft and hypoallergenic Organic Cotton core, encased in a plastic-free silky smooth cardboard applicator and wrapped in paper wrappers. Each box is recyclable and comes with 8 applicator tampons. This bulk set comes with 3 boxes of tampons - 24 pcs of applicator tampons total. 


  • 100% plastic-free
  • 100% certified organic cotton tampon 
  • Hypoallergenic to keep us irritation-free
  • Free from pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, dyes, and viscose
  • FDA approved and SGS tested
  • Our boxes use FSC-certified paper made from 100% post-consumer fibers to reduce waste

* digital user manual on the packaging, giving you access digital tampon guidance from our team - we're with Ü, every step of the way! 

here's a comprehensive manual on how-to-use our new applicator tampons along with a blog post for more information!

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100% organic cotton
hypoallergenic Irritation-free
biodegradable in 4-6 months
free from toxic chemicals
you buy, we give

with an average menstruator disposing of 11,000 menstrual products in their lifetime, plastic applicators was never an option for us.

staying true to our values of no more toxins, we have developed our first cardboard applicator.

— Olivia, CEO & Founder

bleed red, be green

with a little help from our plastic-free, cardboard applicator, our organic cotton tampons can be inserted into your vagina with ease, absorbing your period blood with the same fluffy toxin-free organic cotton goodness that gives you healthy and irritation-free periods.

plus, every organic cotton tampon is biodegradable in 4-6 months.

Registered and approved by the FDA.

high absorbency core

our hypoallergenic plastic-free organic cotton applicator tampons keep our bodies comfortable with a higher absorbency core compared to big brand conventional tampons.

produced between Germany and Asia, our tampons are made using only organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring our cotton is produced without the harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton farming, while farmers are paid a fair and ethical wage.

what they say

“I had a positive experience using the LUÜNA organic cotton tampon with cardboard applicator. It was easy to use and also mess-free! And it’s great to know that the tampon and applicator is made from biodegradable material and is not bad for my body and the environment.”

- Daphne

"I love that LUÜNA naturals has launched all paper and cardboard packaging, bringing the single-use plastic to a minimum."

- Ziggy

“The LUÜNA tampons with cardboard applicators are not only using environmentally friendly material but also has the quality and feel of plastic applicators (smooth and easy) with good absorption and unnoticeable.”

- Kahei

meet Charlene Man

local Hong Kong artist and Camberwell College of Arts graduate, meet the LUÜNA woman behind our plastic-free period set design collaboration.


a better period

10% of every purchase funds period product donations to vulnerable communities and for every cup we sell, we donate one.



LUÜNA is all about girl power and I love it. healthier products and education for women. this is the future of feminine care. — Karen
my period is an indicator of my overall health, so using LUÜNA's chemical-free organic cotton products is important to me. — Sinki

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