Let's Talk About PCOS in the Workplace

"Our research shows that workplace wellbeing initiatives are excluding vital areas. We exist to bridge these gaps and ensure even the most taboo topics find their way into workplace programs." - LUÜNA founder and CEO, Olivia 

How are People with PCOS Commonly Affected?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS, affects roughly 1 in 12 women and people with periods of reproductive age. Despite these high numbers, research suggests 7 out of 10 go undiagnosed. These startling statistics are mirrored in other health conditions, such as endometriosis.

In some cases, PCOS symptoms can be mild. Yet even debilitating symptoms are commonly dismissed, thanks to, at least in part, the deep-rooted misconception that painful periods are 'normal.'

If you were in need of reasons not to pursue 'menstrual leave' as a workplace policy in lieu of eduction and proper medical care options, this is one of them.

Without treatment, PCOS can lead to a wide range of more serious conditions related both to physical and mental health, including but not limited to:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep disruption
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease

The oftentimes distressing symptoms of PCOS can have consequences that impact not only our personal wellbeing, but all facets of our lives including our interpersonal relationships, our social lives and our careers. 

Why this is Relevant in the Workplace

Despite roughly 1 in 12 women and people with periods suffering from PCOS, only around 30% of employees in Hong Kong had heard of it, with less than 5% being able to explain what it was.

Combined with 75% of employees in Hong Kong feeling unable to talk to their colleagues or managers about issues related to menstrual or hormonal health, it is clear to see that "wellbeing initiatives are excluding vital areas" (LUÜNA founder and CEO, Olivia)."

75% of employees said they couldn't speak to their colleagues or managers about issues related to menstrual or hormonal health - Independent Research by LUÜNA between 2020 and 2022


Learn with us During PCOS Awareness Month 

With this in mind, what better time than September - PCOS Awareness Month - to explore LUÜNA's Equity in the Workplace initiatives and launch our bespoke training & eduction programs for your team members. For partners launching in September, we will include specific information on PCOS in order to align with this important calendar date.

A Menstrual Equity in the Workplace Program for our client in Hong Kong


These programs don't just support women and people with periods. With help from corporate partners in Asia over 2.5 years, we have designed them to engage team members of all genders with topics that are all-too-often seen as 'taboo' in the workplace. By equipping everyone with knowledge and actionable advice, we ensure everyone can contribute to positive and inclusive places of work.

To learn more about these initiatives:

- Speak directly with our team via hello@luuna-naturals.com 

- Visit our workplace page on the website 

- Follow our company profile on LinkedIn here