Cycle Wellness - What Ü need to know about the Menstrual Phase

August is all about cycle wellness! 

Throughout the month, we’ll share tips and knowledge on how to harness your energy and make the most of your 4 menstrual cycle phases. Here’s a few quick facts about Estrogen and Progesterone, the MVPs of your menstrual cycle.

Estrogen builds up your uterus lining, it also promotes body fat, causes salt and fluid retention. It also has the effect of influencing your mood, depression and PMS symptoms. While estrogen sounds like a handful, progesterone is a bit of the opposite of what estrogen does to your body. Progesterone maintains your uterus lining, it helps use fat for energy. Emotional wise, progesterone is a natural antidepressant, it can even restore your libido which tends to be lowered by estrogen.This week, let’s tackle the most stressful phase, Menstruation, which may last up to 8 days, but on average lasts about 5 or 6 days. As progesterone depletes at this phase, the rising level of estrogen may make you feel tired, moody, anxious, and have lower self-esteem than usual. You may also experience menstrual cramps at this phase. Check out our last blog on some natural, alternative remedies to alleviate cramps

Drink soothing tea, like chamomile, to combat cramps. Avoid or limit fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine, and salty foods. This is the phase when you feel more intuitive, it's best for self reflection and connecting with yourself. Hard work out is a hard pass, but some light movement or stretching would be ideal. 

Here's what our practitioner friends over at Balance Health suggest: What should I eat and should I work out on my period?

"Gentle exercises are good for relieving cramps. Statistics have shown that athletes experience less menstrual cramping than people who don’t exercise as much on a regular basis. Herbal tea is another good source of heat and comfort to your body when you’re cramping. Ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, and even chilli can provide the warming energy to calm your cramps."

What's your own experience like, and how do you deal with it?

"I experience very bad period cramps, almost as painful as on an endometriosis level. I'll share my ways to get through it. 
The first day is always the hardest, can’t stress enough the importance of applying heat. It’s also important to harness and maintain a very low level of energy, which means to put minimum effort in doing anything on the first day. There’s a lot of stigma put on period pain, just focus your attention on self-love and your body, it’s all about you and it’s alright to say no to things. Use the energy that you have for yourself on the first day is very important. 
The second day, your cramps kind of decrease slightly. I’d recommend you to place your hands on your stomach, do some breath-work and meditate."
Hafsa Khan
How to harness our energy during menstruation? 

"This is the time when we retract into ourselves, this is also the most optimal time when our left and right side of our brain hemisphere are most connected to one another. This is why women during this time are able to go into an altered state of consciousness, and also become more sensitive emotionally. This is the super power that we have.
During this phase, you can do activities that allow you to go back into yourself, meditate, do journal work, and listen to music. Don’t socialise so much if you don’t feel like it, take the time to listen to your body. Instead of being in an outward mannerism with the world, start to become more receptive, tune into yourself. Ask yourself, what’s my soul looking for right now, what are my emotions, what’s going on with me on a physical level, what kind of thoughts am i having. This would also help you on a physical level, to take away those symptoms that don’t serve you well."
Lily Chan

 We hope this blog post could help you get to know your menstruation phase a little more, and a little more manageable. Stay tuned for the next blog on Follicular Phase!