Cycle Wellness - what Ü need to know about ovulation

Ah, our favourite stage of the menstrual cycle. If ovulation were a person they’d have to be Beyonce - sassy, fierce, outgoing...

On average, most individuals ovulate on day 14 of their cycle (day 1 of your cycle being the first day of your bleed, FYI). This is a pretty groovy time since you’re most fertile - and with that comes some BIG energy.

Hormones rise suddenly, triggering the release of an egg. That little egg is mature now and capable of being fertilised - and so your body wants you moving. All of that energy is designed to get you out there, on the prowl for a mate (whether or not you want one!).

It’s the time when your skin is extra glowing, you're on your A game when it comes to socialising & it's even been proven that your face looks more symmetrical.

Cool things Ü you should know about this time

🏋️‍♀️ Due to that surge in energy, this is a great time to capitalise on high intensity workouts (if thats your thing!)

😻 Due to heightened senses and increased arousal, your orgasms are likely to be amazing during this time. Get on down to some self- or partner-lovin!

💬 You’re likely to be at your most social during these few days, so get out there & communicate your needs