Cycle Wellness - What Ü need to know about the Luteal Phase?

Oh hey Ü, nice to see you here. We're back with the cycle wellness. And this time, we're exploring the luteal phase. To make things simple, this is basically just the second half of your cycle - it begins the day after you ovulate, and ends the day before your next period.

So... maybe you associate this time (especially the part right before your period) with PMS symptoms...

But we are here to show you that it ain't all bad. Being the epic, dynamic queens that we are, this is actually a time to take full advantage of those hormonal changes & live our best lives. Swipe on to learn what the luteal phase is, and how it impacts us.

🧐 What is it? 

Your luteal phase starts immediately after ovulating and lasts until the day before your next period, making it the longest stage of your cycle.

This is because after ovulating, your hormones nose dive suddenly, signalling to your body to prepare for *possible* pregnancy.

Hormones ​​progesterone and oestrogen show up (hi!) and cause the lining of your uterus to thicken. If an egg is fertilised by sperm, bleeding occurs (hello period). If the egg is fertilised, the egg nestles into the uterus & starts to grow.

🤔 How does it affect me?

It impacts us person to person, cycle to cycle. Typically, you might feel a dip in energy due to the presence of the sleepy hormone, progesterone. Towards the end of this phase, you might also start to notice an increase in those negative symptoms like cramps, migraine, tiredness (boo).

Let's shift this perception though, and instead look at what we positives can take from this time. There is so much cool stuff happening inside your body during this time that we can tap into.

❤️ LUÜNA’s cycle wellness hacks

💻 It's been proven that the presence of these hormones means we are more strategic, task-oriented and organised during this time (OMW to crush it at work...)

😴 The presence of progesterone means you sleep even deeper, so enjoy this time of rest - your body will thank you later

🧘🏻‍♀️ Allow yourself to slow down, and try more relaxing workouts like yoga & pilates