Why We Love Non-Applicator Tampons

There’s a lot of shame surrounding our periods. We’ve sadly had to accept this as a hard truth (it sucks, we know!). Most of this embarrassment is brought on by society or cultural and religious traditions. That’s bad enough, but there’s nothing worse than being period shamed by your girl friends. Come on, we’re supposed to be in this together! But sadly, chances are that it’s happened to you. Especially if, like us, you use non-applicator tampons.

We’re not really blaming your bff for thinking getting period blood on her hands is gross – we know it’s just deeply ingrained societal taboos (as always, sigh). Which is why we wanted to explain why we think non-applicator tampons are bloody great!

1. You’re in control

Inserting a tampon for the first time can feel a bit like driving a car in the dark. You can’t see where you’re going and you don’t know the road ahead. It can be disorienting and at times even a bit painful if you take a wrong turn.

One thing we love about non-applicator tampons is that they give you more control. Your hand can freely guide the tampon into the right spot, adjusting to the shape of your body. In contrast, applicators are designed to go straight up. If you have a vaginal canal that’s not perfectly straight (like most of us), it can be a bit trickier to navigate curves with an applicator.

2. Get up close & friendly with your vag

Probably the biggest argument of nay-sayers is that blood gets on your fingers if you use non-applicator tampons. And yes, that’s true. If your vagina is bleeding and you touch it, chances are you will get some blood on you. So what?

Say it with us: period blood is just blood! As we’ve said many times before, being in closer contact with your menstrual blood can actually be a valuable process! It’s a way to learn more about your cycle and fight against the menstrual taboos most of us have grown up with.

Plus, you can (and should) always wash your hands right after you’re done!

3. Better for the planet (& your wallet)

One of the biggest reasons why we only have non-applicator tampons (for now!) is their lessened environmental impact. Here at LUÜNA we’re deeply conscious of the effect our periods have on our planet. On average, girls use 11,000 period products in their lifetime, which pollute our planet with synthetic & non-degradable materials.

Applicator tampons, well… they come with an applicator. That’s more material going into the landfill and more energy and raw materials used for production. Not to mention, the vast majority of brands still use plastic applicators, which take even longer to decompose.

By omitting an applicator and using only organic cotton, our tampons are 100% biodegradable. But let’s get things straight: we’re not in the business of plastic-shaming girls when it comes to their periods. Everyone should feel safe to use the products they choose!

Another bonus we love is that non-applicator tampons are not just less wasteful for the environment, but also for our wallets. The money saved by not producing an extra part of the product is money you save. Pretty cool, right?


If you’re curious to try non-applicator tampons, we’ve released a how-to guide that answers all your questions! If you’re an applicator gal, don’t worry though. We’re soon releasing a cardboard applicator - so you get all the benefits, but less environmental baggage ;)


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