Why Period Care Makes a Great Christmas Gift

Finding the perfect gift that is original, unique and something your bff will REALLY love is tough. What's more, making it planet-friendly can be even more difficult!

We designed it so it's something we ourselves would be thrilled to find under our Christmas tree, and a present we'd be proud to hand to our bff. Why do we love it so much?

1. Shop without guilt

Hands up if you're tired of wasting money on cheap Christmas gifts, or if you're sick of receiving junk that ends up in the back of a drawer after a month. Us too... which is why this year we're all about conscious gifting. Instead of settling for Christmas tat, we're buying presents that empower.

In particular, we want our purchases to help small businesses growing their brand in the right way (especially if, like us, they're run by badass women!!). That means saying no to products or businesses that harm the environment, and opting instead for sustainable alternatives. It's also a way to make sure we're getting our girl friends healthy & high quality gifts. 


Each parcel includes your choice of healthy period care, all natural soaps, all natural & zero waste deodorant, winter edition of our new female empowerment zine aaaand a cup donation on your behalf to girls in need across Asia 


Because of this, we decided to not only include our organic period care (or reusable cup) in our parcel, but also other green products by amazing female-run brands in Asia. A single purchase helps support several local brands and doesn't harm our planet. Not bad!!


2. Buy one, give two

Empowering your loved ones with a Christmas gift is cool enough, but what if that same present could also empower a girl in need? That's exactly what our parcel does. For every purchase, we're donating a cup to girls in need across Asia through our partnerships with amazing social initiatives. 

We've witnessed first hand how special it can be when girls have access to reproductive health education and healthy products for the first time. Sadly, it's something too many of us are still denied (or even shamed for). But learning about our bodies can be a powerful tool to lead a better life and make healthier choices. In our opinion, that's the best gift you can get someone.


3. But why period care?!

Most of us have been led to believe periods are something we shouldn't talk about - which is why most of us have never questioned what the hell we're putting in our vaginas every month. But we should!

Through our research, we've been shocked to discover most big brand pads and tampons are made of plastic and filled with toxic chemicals. This not only puts our health at risk, but also our planet's. 



By gifting healthy, sustainable and transparent period care to your bff, you're giving her more than just a healthier option to use every month. You are starting an important conversation about our bodies, health and ultimately our society. That's empowering. 


Shop here for a Conscious Christmas Parcel for your friends & family :)