The Hong Kong Gyms Pioneering Healthy Periods

Sweat your workout, not your period. 

During 5 years of research into attitudes towards periods in Asia, we realized that few spaces - gyms included - stock healthy organic cotton period care. But it's 2020! About time periods were catered to properly, don't you think? 


Well now they are. Meet the amazing period pioneers of Hong Kong's health and wellness scene; companies ensuring their menstruating members are supported with healthy organic cotton period care when they need it.
With their support, we've also been able to donate more period cups to tackle period poverty in Hong Kong.

From Hybrid MMA & Fitness - Maria C Brusuelas, @hybridgymhk

As a fitness provide for all genders, we truly aim to provide the best products when it comes to personal hygiene. Partnering with LUÜNA was a no brainer for us to assure our women members are taken care of and have access to high quality, safe and healthy products. 

Our favourite LUÜNA product is the Menstrual Cup, I have used one for over 3 years now and have eliminated nasty infections plus I feel confident in choosing a product that helps both my body and the environment. Having this lovely little cup helps me to save hundreds of dollars on chemically filled products that were slowly hurting my health. 


From Lightsout - Billy Tam:, @lightsout

It is as normal for women to have periods as it is for a chicken to lay eggs. There is nothing taboo about it! So, I'm all for raising awareness in healthier options for women and the world that we all share.

From OnePersonalTraining - Caitlin Jackson

Working in a gym setting most women are ashamed to ask for products or discuss their periods. I have committed to the new normal in order to make these issues open without any stigmas or shame. 

My favorite products are the organic tampons. I hadn't ever questioned what my period products were made of or where they came from. LUÜNA has educated and given me the choice of what I'm putting in my body, which has really made a difference both physically and morally.

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