Ethical Christmas Guide

Christmas tat, we do love you!  But it’s time for you to go...

You know the kind.  When you’re panic buying for your loved ones and you end up buying something that gets tossed to the side (or into landfill). 

What if this Christmas you could empower the lovely people in your life with meaningful gifts that don't harm the environment but rather support small businesses?

Fear no more, for we have compiled together some of our favourite gift ideas that will leave both you and the woman in your life happy, healthy and empowered.  All of these amazing gifts have been crafted by ethical, local, female-led businesses in Asia too.  Yay!  Hello, beautiful gifts!  Bye, bye, Christmas tat!

1. Slowood 

Celebrating their one year anniversary, Slowood is a sustainability safe haven in Hong Kong. Their brand is founded on the idea of slowing down & reconnecting to mother nature (yes, even in the hectic concrete jungle that is Hong Kong!). They offer an amazing selection of hand picked organic products, which range from delicious vegan snacks to natural skincare and beautifully made accessories for your home.

Basically, if you're looking for a one-stop-shop for all you Christmas needs, Slowood is a great choice! 


2. Retykle

Let's face it, children's fashion is the cutest... but also the worst. Kids outgrow clothing and shoes in the blink of an eye, leaving parents scrambling to continuously update their closets. That's a lot of money spent on buying new pieces, and a lot of "old" clothes finding their way to the landfill.

Sarah, mother of two and founder of Retykle, was struggling with this when she decided to start her business. Thus a new innovative luxury resale e-commerce platform enabling parents to buy designer children’s clothing at a fraction of their retail price was born. Hallelujah!

Save money, benefit the planet and get your fav niece or nephew a high-quality present (instead of the hundredth cheap plastic toy they'll forget about after a week!)



Okra sells beautiful, hand-made jewelry inspired by nature. Their pieces are crafted with care and just stunning (in our opinion, at least). Our amazing CMO, Rachel, even wore a pair of their earrings to her wedding! 

Made of regenerated stones, crystals and other foraged natural and organic materials, OKRA pieces are worn as meaningful objet d’art for the independent woman — whether it is to calm the mind, body and spirit, or to bring out the audacious goddess within.

Definitely the perfect gift for the goddesses in your life!


4. LUÜNA naturals 

Ooops.. yes we're being this cheeky! But we genuinely believe healthy period care makes a GREAT Christmas present.

We know what you’re thinking. Tampons…pads…menstrual cups…for Christmas? OK, LUÜNA team – you’ve finally lost it.

But hear us out… think about the woman or girl in your life and imagine if every month your Christmas gift could keep her body safe from toxic chemicals, comfortable (as well looking super cute on her bathroom shelf). We think that’s the kind of present that really shows love!

So if you have periods or KNOW PEOPLE who have periods, this is your chance to give a really meaningful gift this holiday season.


5. Qlothe

Most girls know the power of a beautiful dress or a new pair of shoes - it can be empowering to wear something you feel good in. But it can also be quite hard to feel proud of your wardrobe when you know the impact the fashion industry has on our environment.

This makes pieces from shops like Qlothe that much more meaningful. Not only are their styles jaw-dropping gorgeous, but they're sustainable too! Each design is inspired by stories of real people, each fabric is chosen with care and regards to its environmental impacts, and  the worker welfare is a top priority!


6. Banyan Tree Essentials

Banyan tree is all about bringing the best of nature to your home. With an emphasis on rejuvenation, embracing nature and empowering local communities, their products are the perfect remedy for a stressful holiday season. They have amazing aromatherapy kits, as well as a range of clean-beauty products.

If that's not already something to love, they also have resorts and a spa in Singapore! Grab you bff & don't look back ladies ;)


7. Alche{me}

Cruelty free, plant derived, traceable ingredients AND personalized to your skin?! What more can you ask from your skincare brand?

Founded by two amazing gals in Singapore, Alche{me} is not just personalized skincare, it's conscious skincare. Their products aim to reduce your carbon footprint at every step of the way, while still providing you with the best solutions for your skin.

Let's face it (pun intended!) clear skin is one of the best gifts you could get your bff!



Meet the Author!


Eva is the Content Manager at LUÜNA! She is a soon-to-be design graduate and an enthusiastic writer. Passionate about sustainability and gender equality, she loves getting to know people who are actively working toward these goals.