Cheers to New Loves

Like every first date, it was nerve-racking. I’d done my good share of online stalking before hand – environmentally conscious, financially sensible and pretty good looking. Seemed like a dream come true. But would it live up to its hyped-up reputation?

Deep breath. I pulled my menstrual cup out of its cotton bag. “Nice to meet you, Bei!”

Step One: Clean your cup-date

So far so good. I put on the kettle and boiled some water. Rinsed out an old jar and carefully placed my cup inside, then poured the water on top submerging my cup completely.

*LUÜNA tip: always carefully wash your cup and your hands before inserting*

Step Two: Pants down, hair up

This is where the relationship gets serious. I’m half naked, squatting over the toilet so as not to drip on the floor. I practice folding my new cup a couple of times… C-fold, Punch-down fold, Triangle fold… C-fold feels most comfortable in my hands, so I re-adjust my squat and bring the cup down towards my vagina. I’m inching it in, but my fingers slightly slip and… plop! I’ve just been slapped in the vagina!

*LUÜNA tip: practice different folds to find the one that works best for you and your body!*

Step Three: Blood & Sweat

Being slapped in the vagina by a silicone cup suddenly popping open doesn’t hurt, but it also doesn’t feel great. After around 10 minutes and 7 sudden vagina slaps, I felt like a fighter in a war zone.

Sweat was dripping down my face and back, my hands were covered in blood and my thighs were starting to cramp from the extended squatting. It had to be now or never.

Step Four: VICTORY

I wish I had *the answer* to give you at this point. How to turn your vagina from a punching back to an inviting home. The truth is, after 15 minutes of tweaking my squat, adjusting my entrance angle, and re-positioning the cup in my hands I found what worked for my body. And I felt SO DAMN PROUD. Suddenly those first date butterflies came back and my first instinct was to call my bestie and tell her all about it! I guess cupid (or should I say CUP-id ;) sorry) really did struck his arrow!

Step Five: Finally to the Bedroom

Not long after, I felt our relationship was finally strong enough to enter the bedroom. It’s an important test – a make it or break it moment for every new couple. With crisp white sheets lining my bed, the stakes were high. Would my Bei live up to this moment?

Spoiler alert: yes! To my surprise and pure amazement, the bed was still white the next morning. I took this as a true testament to what my cup and I could achieve together in the coming years.


Am I a cup guru now? Not yet. We've had a few new dates together, and every time we get more comfortable with each other. I haven’t been slapped in the vagina in a long time, which is definitely a win! Mostly, I love knowing I have access to a product that works, is safe for my body and healthy for the planet. Sure, there’s a learning curve but I know my relationship with Bei will be a long and happy one!

Our team here at LUÜNA has many talents. One of them is that we're great wingwoman ;)  



You can thank us later!

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