Support Your Local HK Ocean-Friendly Brands

In honour of World Ocean Day, we would like to take you on a dive deep into how LUÜNA products are better for the ocean, and celebrate other brands that you can support to live more ocean and earth friendly.  

LUÜNA is consistently striving to be more sustainable, from using biodegradable materials, to reducing plastic and our overarching carbon footprint. 

Our social and environmental impact modules are closely aligned with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals,

i.e. Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13 - Climate Action 

Goal 14 - Life Below Water

Plastic-free periods 

Did you know that a conventional tampon takes a minimum of  100 years to degrade? And if you flush that conventional tampon down the toilet, you risk clogging your sewage pipes, or worse, polluting the ocean with more plastic.

Adapting to reusable and sustainable period care products like period cups, reusable pads, or period panties is the most direct way to help reduce waste and pollution from menstrual products. Or, you can look for organic earth-friendly alternatives. Our 100% plastic-free applicator tampons could be your new monthly environmentally conscious solution. All natural materials make them a friend to your skin, AND, the earth, given they take less than a year to degrade.

This said, regardless of how many years your period products take to degrade, DO NOT FLUSH THEM, PLEASE! Fish don’t like tampons or pads, even if they are plastic free. 

Why we love… Slowood 

Simple as it is, we love it plastic-free.
Slowood is a sustainable lifestyle and zero waste grocery store, they encourage their customers to bring their own containers to buy in bulk. Less packaging, buying just as much as you need, that’s the first step to reducing waste in your daily lives. 

They also stock a wide range of personal care items from tampons to toothbrushes, plates and tea towels. It’s a hard store to leave empty handed!

Why we love… Eat the Kiwi

Shop consciously, and choose stores that reduce their carbon footprint and minimize packaging as much as possible.

Eat the Kiwi is an online grocery store that sends New Zealand sourced goodness to your doorstep. Knowing that refrigerated trucks are a major contributor to CO2 emission, they have adapted a ‘WoolCool’ insulator solution for transporting chilled and frozen goods. This natural,, sheeps wool, insulator allows them to deliver products without the need of refrigerated trucks. Customers can hand back the WoolCool insulators with their next delivery, return it to nature by using it as a garden compost or dispose of it as usual where it will naturally biodegrade in the landfill.

Eat the Kiwi also pack their fresh produce loose, saying no to unnecessary plastic wraps and packagings.

Why we love… Cosmos Studio 

Cosmos Studio is a local Hong Kong brand that makes sustainable t-shirts from recycled polyester from used plastic bottles and bamboo viscose; protecting Mother Ocean directly by eliminating water waste and pollution during textile colouring and treatment process.
Other than their innovative textile technology in producing environment-loving garments, they also go the extra mile to make sure their entire production is ethical and safe to the workers, farmers, and the environment.

Why we love… #INVISIBLEBAG

The Invisible company recognises that zero waste isn’t something that can be achieved in a day, hence their invention of #INVISIBLEBAG, a water-soluble, plastic-free, and non-toxic packaging alternative. They provide customized packaging alternatives for brands, and now a solution for your paw buddies too! Their #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is the perfect replacement of conventional plastic poo bags, they’re flushable and landfill biodegradable. Now your daily walk with your pup can be plastic-free too!