LUÜNA Product Development Ethos 2021



Since launching in 2019, LUÜNA has worked with well-established production partners between Germany and Asia to source quality and highly-certified period products. Through this, our goal was to build a community of conscious consumers and invest at the next stage in developing these products to further meet their needs and reduce the environmental footprint of our brand.

We are excited to announce that we are fundraising for a second time, so that from 2021, we can invest in a Second Generation of products which have been created with LUÜNA, based on the feedback provided by our growing community in Asia.

Product Development Includes:

  • The Second Edition Period Cup designed according to feedback from our community across Asia to provide an even more user-friendly cup experience. This will come in additional sizes too, supporting more cup-curious users to try and love this product.
  • Switching all our outer product packaging to 100% post-consumer fibers.
  • Ensuring our pads and liners are wrapped in plant-based / paper wrappers.
  • Launching a paper wrapped 100% plastic-free tampon as a more sustainable choice for our community.

Product Production Goals:

With a commitment to our community in Asia, our goal is to bring production of LUÜNA products fully back to Asia in order to make our products as accessible and affordable as we can, whilst maintaining their high-quality standards.

We will continue with our social impact business model which ensure that for every purchase of our products, we can provide period care to those without access.

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