LUÜNA Team Talks: Raising Awareness Against Gender Bias at LUÜNA

By our very own Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel.

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Let’s start with a little experiment….  

A father and his son are involved in a horrific car crash and the man died at the scene.  

But when the child arrived at the hospital and was rushed into the operating theatre, the surgeon pulled away and said: “I can’t operate on this boy, he’s my son”. 


How can this be?  


That’s right. 

The surgeon is the child’s mother.  

But be honest, did it take you a minute or so to get there?  

If so, you are in good company. 


According to the sociologists at Harvard & Yale Universities, behind the Implicit Association Test, between 90-95% of us carry unconscious bias.

Regardless of how liberal we might consider ourselves to be, bias undercuts how all of us think, feel and behave. 

Bias is basically everywhere.  

And most concerningly, we often don’t even realise it. 

The Always '#LikeAGirl' ad launched in June of 2014

 P&G’s flagship period care brand Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign hit at the heart of how unconscious bias detrimentally affects women and girls. 

They showed that the phrase “Like a girl”, after puberty, somehow acquires a negative meaning. That rather than a neutral description of how one gender behaves, it somehow morphs in our minds, into an insult, a weapon in the armoury of unconscious bias that we, as women, face every day. 

But within this knot of prejudice and insidious unconscious bias there does lie the beginnings of a solution. 

A solution that nudges us to question our biases 

A solution that can help us reorientate how we all think. 

And a solution that, at LUÜNA, we are so proud to put at the heart of our brand and business. 

By bringing people together, in one room to talk openly, frankly and honestly about topics that many of us shy away from, we can bring our unconscious biases out into the light.  

The educational workshops, panel discussions and group sessions we hold for our communities across Asia are a powerful tool when it comes to challenging deep-seated preconceptions we all hold.  

We led over 100 Healthy & Planet-Friendly Period Workshops in 2019, in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Menstruation, being an intimate but natural, and healthy process that the vast majority of women experience every month, far from being a normal and accepted part of society is far too often laced with shame, discomfort and even fear.  

We are told from a young age whether growing up in London or Singapore, Shanghai or Sydney that this is NOT a topic for open and honest discussion. It is in these dark recesses that bias, misconception and prejudice thrives.  

So whether we are educating ambitious women in Shanghai on gynaecological health, talking to Dads in Singapore about supporting their daughters through puberty, confronting period poverty head on in Hong Kong or providing access to menstrual cups for young girls in rural Nepal- we are resolute in our commitment to bringing people together to talk.  

With our collective, honest and discursive approach, at LUÜNA we are slowly, but surely, raising awareness of unconscious biases and giving our community a chance to reset tomorrow together.