Meet the Business' Saying YES to Providing Healthy Period Care

People have been menstruating for centuries yet today, periods are still the source of inconvenience and frustration.

This isn't surprising when you consider that 3 out 4 of us have had leaking experiences as adults, yet less than 5% of spaces in Asia provide access to period care! 

At LUÜNA, we envision a world where all spaces - from offices, to gyms, to malls -have these necessary products available for those who need them. That's why we've created our global A BETTER PERIOD initiative.





This year, our goal is to work with 250 pioneer venues across the region who, by having our healthy & planet-friendly period care in their venues, will be able to offer menstruators the essential products they need, when they need them. In doing so, we can foster a new, socially-responsible attitude towards health, wellness and gender equality across Asia”

– Olivia, Founder & CEO.


Meet our Amazing Pioneer Partners

Baked, @baked_hk

We want people to have the best experience when they come to BAKED and to know that we’ve thought about all the smallest details, from the food to the design to the amenities. My customers are so surprised when they see we have organic cotton period products in the bathroom. Many comment on how thoughtful it is. It sets us apart.”

– Zahir, an entrepreneur and founder of BAKED restaurant in Hong Kong

Dream Impact, @dreamimpacthk 

"Promoting a brand that is health-conscious and sustainable for all of the women in our community and the planet is important (as we are an impact-driven community!), though what we love about LUÜNA is the #NoMoreSecrets approach to explore topics around the woman body, menstruation and feminine hygiene products used by women on a monthly basis but know so little about! Having dialogues on what'd usually be deemed as taboos are key to driving inclusiveness and understanding of ourselves, of each other, and between genders. Proud community supporter of LUÜNA!"

- Cintia, Chief of Strategy & Growth at Dream Impact 

R3 Personal Training,@r3personaltraining

“We have a lot of female clients, and part of our ethos of optimal health is to provide toxic-free products for clients to use. Women rarely consider period wear when it comes to toxicity, so this is one of the ways in which we would love to educate our clients about their health.”

- Tricia, Founder of r3training 

Flowga, @flowga 

"We decided to have Luüna period care available at our studio because we want to support local companies, we want to empower fellow women and provide our female clients with toxic-free products that are good for their bodies and for the environment."

- Sasha, Founder of Flowga 



“At LifeHub we recognize our world is becoming more and more toxic. From air pollution to pesticides and plastics, we encounter environmental chemicals every day that wreak havoc on our health (not to mention our environment). We chose LUÜNA because they use organic cotton, protecting our highly absorptive areas from heavy metal exposure from pesticides and other chemicals.”

- Hayley, Marketing Manager at LifeHub

Banyan Workspace, @banyanworkspace

Sharing with our members the most sustainable options available to them in their everyday lives is something we do throughout Banyan Workspace. We love Luuna products as they are less harmful to our bodies and the planet but we also admire the work that the Luuna team does to help the women who don't have access to any period products. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking, inspiring company.”

- Zoe, Head of Marketing at Banyan Workspace  

Bobby's Rabble, @bobbysrabble

"After Olivia spoke at our Inspiring Monday's event, we were shocked to learn about the damage traditional period care does to our planet as well as the health implications it has on women. We hope that by making the products available to our customers, this will not only help our customers in an emergency but also help to educate them about the dangers of traditional products"

- Melvin Byres, Owner of Bobby's Rabble

HYBRID, @hybridgymhk

"As a fitness provider for all genders, we truly aim to provide the best products when it comes to personal hygiene. Partnering with LUÜNA was a no brainer for us to assure our women members are taken care of and have access to high quality, safe, and healthy products."

- Maria, General Manager at Hybrid 

Lights Out, @lightsouthk

"It is normal for women to have periods as it is for chicken to lay eggs. There is nothing taboo about it! So, I'm all for raising awareness in healthier options for women and the world that we all share."

- Billy, trainer at Lights Out



"Working in a gym setting most women are ashamed to ask for products or discuss their periods. I have committed to the new normal in order to make these issues open without any stigma or shame."

- Caitlin, trainer at OnePT 


How does A Better Period work? 

Very simple. Our partners purchase a supply of our healthy & planet-friendly period care products for their space, providing period care to their guests, customers, or employees, also eliminating the shame and taboos around periods within their space. We also donate 100 organic cotton pads on our partners’ behalf to the vulnerable menstruators we support through our network of social impact partners.

To be involved message - we can't wait to hear from you!