By Our Founder: Normalizing Periods to Forge a Gender Equal World.

An IWD Letter from our Founder & CEO


Photo by Veronica Sanchis Bencomo at AFP

The taboos around menstruation pose the biggest barrier to the advancement of women & girls today.

From school girls approaching their first period to established CEO's of global companies, I have have seen first-hand over the past 4 years how deeply our lives are affected by the archaic attitudes towards periods that persist today.

And if society continues to penalize us for our bodies natural functions -  taxing period care, failing to regulate product ingredients and refusing to enhance education around the subject - what chance do we have of ever achieving true equality? 

No matter what glass ceilings we smash in other walks of life, we will always, as women, be psychologically subjugated by our own female biology. 

This has to end, and it ends with LUÜNA. 

How Does LUÜNA Promote Gender Equality? 

From internal policy changes, such as offering “period days” for our staff when they can work from home during menstruation, to proudly celebrating women's global achievements across our external platforms, our company is built to overturn and eradicate this insidious aspect of gender inequality that cuts across the modern female experience on the most intimate level.


For this to be authentic and effective we know it must start from within. So we seek to hire and champion feminist employees who share our conviction that patriarchal and unequal structures have had their day. 

Our team of passionate, driven and ambitious women (and forward-thinking men!) extends across Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and London and our leadership team is exclusively female. 

Moreover, our business model is a unique, and we believe, a female-driven one. Leveraging the importance of support and communication amongst women, we have built our brand, and our business, not top down by shouting the loudest, but through holding workshops, events, building and investing in our community. 

Frustratingly (though it comes as no surprise to learn), only 2.7% of VC funding goes to female founded startups and still less than 14% of directors on HSI company boards are women.

Therefore, it's not just the nature of our business but in fact, our mere existence and survival thus far, which raises awareness against bias and signals a long overdue upheaval of these unequal structures.
LUUNA Period Cup Offer - International Women's Day 2020