LUÜNA Identifies U.K. Social Impact Partners to Combat Period Poverty

Despite our best efforts to embrace and honour a natural, cyclical, and crucial bodily function, periods are often experienced as an inconvenience. But for many, they go far beyond a minor inconvenience. For thousands of people, periods, and the physiological changes they bring, can be a stark reminder of poverty, of an identity not associated with, or of a barrier to living an otherwise straightforward life.

LUÜNA functions as a social impact period care company. This means that for every single action we take, we ensure this positively impacts another person.

Running up to our launch here in the U.K., our Head of Partnerships, Millie, was tasked with identifying social impact partners with whom to collaborate to alleviate period poverty in the U.K. through the donation of our awesome period cups.

Critically, these incredible organisations are now including sustainable period products in their donations, meaning that a wider range of products is now readily available to more menstruators in need - allowing for a better period for all.

Beyond immediate, vital product donations, these organisations work tirelessly to tackle deeply embedded stigma surrounding menstruation - an issue that is both linked to and exclusive from period poverty in its own right.  

Free the Flow, York

Free the Flow is a student-led project combatting period poverty on campuses and within wider communities.  Their mission is to ensure the free and equal provision of period products for all menstruators on university campuses and to join the fight in providing free and equal access to products for all menstruators globally.

"Free the Flow are delighted to announce a partnership with LUÜNA naturals! We will be working together to promote a better understanding of menstrual health by enabling discussions around periods to take place in an empowering and shame-free way for menstruators and non-menstruators alike” Holly Plews, Chair & Founder of Free the Flow.

Find out more about the work they do here.


STOPP Campaign, Swansea

Swansea Takes On Period Poverty (STOPP) was set up with an ambitious vision to make Swansea a period positive city (with the support of where menstrual products are freely available in all public facilities such as schools, libraries, community centres, and other private businesses. As a charity they aim to raise awareness, distribute products, and to challenge the stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation.  

They want to raise awareness of plastic-free periods and sustainable solutions, to improve education about periods and help to break down taboos around menstrual health and finally to support international efforts to end period poverty around the world.

Keep up with their important work here.