LUÜNA at Ovolo Southside - first hotel in HK to stock our period care products!

The FIRST hotel in HK to stock LUÜNA period care products for their guests!  


When traveling and enjoying your stay at a hotel, (or during quarantine/ a staycation that is now the norm), wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to worry about bringing bulky period care products? Hell yeah!

Many of us have the experience of packing our suitcases full of pads and tampons when traveling abroad or heading into quarantine, just so we don’t have to stress about not being able to access any in a foreign country or when we’re locked in a room for 14 days. Also, let’s face it, not many hotels provide period care products, let alone healthy & planet friendly ones.

Until now….  

We are so excited to announce that Ovolo Southside in Wong Chuk Hang is the first hotel in HK to stock our healthy and planet friendly period care products for their guests!




It was really a no brainer – we are always looking for ways to better take care of our guests. Period care is a basic necessity for women, and especially being inside for 21 days, we wanted to make it as accessible for them as possible." 

Sonesh, Ovolo Hotels Group Director of Brand Experience 


If you’re looking for a place to quarantine or for a relaxing staycay – Ovolo Southside has you covered! They now stock LUÜNA products, which include pads, tampons and also our period cup! Look out for their “extra extra menu” and simply text or call the concierge to get your choice of products delivered to your room.

Why did they choose LUÜNA? 




We wanted to not only make period care accessible, but also be supporting the right brands while doing so. Luuna is such a forward thinking brand and they are doing such a great job pushing this movement forward, it is our absolute pleasure to work with them!"

-  Sonesh, Ovolo Hotels Group Director of Brand Experience 




really handy to text Ovolo my LUÜNA order and they deliver to my room so quickly. It's so good to have the option and reassurance that the hotel delivers eco-friendly period care as I arrived in quarantine, after a long-extended trip, without any!" 

 Ovolo quarantine guest

If you’ve always been interested in trying the cup but haven’t had the chance to, your stay at the Ovolo Southside is the perfect time and place to try it out ;)





I'm so used to following menstrual self-care habits set in my formative teenage years, I have taken the opportunity in quarantine to pause, reflect and rethink how I'm taking care of my body during my period.


I boiled a cup of water to sterilize the cup and tried it out. I'm also trying out LUÜNA's tampons while I'm here to see which works best for me. The cup takes a little practice but I'm feeling more comfortable to keep trying & to get more familiar for my next period. The tampons are a good fallback - I love that they're 100% biodegradable!"

 Ovolo quarantine guest

If you’re a business in Hong Kong who would also like to stock period care at your space to make healthy and planet friendly period care products accessible to your staff, members or guests, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we’ll help you to stock your space with our products to provide a better period for your people, our planet and for those in need.