Want to make the switch to the period cup but don't know where to start? well, you've come to the right place! 

look no further than LUÜNA, Asia’s social impact period care company, led by women. our LUÜNA Cup is loved by women around the world and you could be one of them!

on the 15th of October, we’re launching a special two-week campaign which will support you to #CupdateYourPeriod. 

purchase the LUÜNA Cup with 15% off + free organic cotton liners + free sample pack of our organic cotton pads.

238 HKD for 5-8 years of healthy – friendly periods!

click here to discover this set and #CupdateYourPeriod!

we’ll still donate a cup for every cup sold to tackle period poverty in Asia!



why make the switch?

  • our period cup is better for your body and the planet, with no toxic fibers like those used in conventional period care.
  • the cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is an FDA-approved material!
  • our cup is super soft and has flexy-fit technology making it easy for both first-timers and experienced cup users.
  • you can use our cup for up for 8 - 10 years, say goodbye to last-minute period care runs.

what's special about our cup?

  • 100% medical grade silicone (made by professionals to sit safely inside your body)
  • easy removal with handy ridged stem
  • super soft and flexible, to mould to your unique body shape
  • comes with an eco-friendly (and very cute) cloth storage pouch
  • for every cup sold, we donate one to fight period poverty in Asia


hear what those who love our cups and liners have to say... 

I have a pretty heavy flow and can go all day leaving it in without it getting full, the cup is pretty amazing and lasts up to 8 years!” 
Maiyah @maiyahkenz

 i use the liners throughout my cycle, mostly when i am gonna menstruate as it absorbs discharge well and is super breathable!"

Glyniss @glynissng 

 the best best thing to me is, it’s so comfy. It’s so handy and pretty much feels like nothing when I exercise, also in water. I don’t have to worry about it as I only need to change twice a day, morning and night. I can jump into water freely, there is nothing hanging out, no strings or anything that will absorb water into your body.”

Matina @yogawithmatina