8 things you can do in HK to restore our earth

April is one of our favourite months. Why? Earth Day! 

What a perfect opportunity to (humbly) brag about Mother Nature being a major fangirl of Luuna whilst sharing tips on the additional green steps we can all be taking to protect and restore our beautiful planet. 

Not sure how to begin your eco-journey? Don’t fret! It’s simple, just start by thinking more mindfully when you shop - what can you replace or switch? Not sure where to find those eco-friendly counterparts? We’ve got your back...

We’ve put together 8 things you can do (and places you can go) in Hong Kong to Restore our Earth: 

1. Choose plastic-free period products 

Did you know that many conventional pads and tampons contain plastic? Ugh.

They’re wrapped in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, and even include a thin layer of plastic over the absorbent part! Why! Conventional pads are no better – from the common plastic packaging to the absorbent parts of pads that are made with synthetics (i.e. fake cotton made from plastic... hello irritation). 

Plastic-free oceans start with plastic-free vaginas. This switch is easy (just click here), and both mother nature and your body will thank you for it. 

2. Don’t flush your tampons or pads down the toilet! 

Not only will they clog up your plumbing, they’ll also damage the wastewater treatment infrastructure, resulting in harm to our clean water sources like streams and rivers – who would want that? 

To dispose of your tampons and pads correctly, wrap them in toilet paper and pop them in the trash. If you’re too lazy to dispose of these products correctly, or find yourself in a situation where a loo’s not accessible for a long period (of time) maybe you could explore using reusable products like the period cup. You can keep these in for up to 12 hours and are reusable for 8 years!

3. Support slow fashion

Fashion, but slow! ‘Slow fashion’ is ethical, eco-friendly and stays in style for longer. 

One of our favourite HK slow fashion brands is Annibody. They create high-quality bodysuits, celebrating the freedom and beauty of women bodies with a minimalist aesthetic. 


Their bodysuits are manufactured in small batch production, they prioritise the usage of sustainably grown or recycled materials, upcycle fabrics from their production to create new styles to reduce waste to the environment, and so much more! 

As a brand with an aligning ethos to LUÜNA, committed to ethical & sustainable practices, we’ve teamed up with them for a special earth day offer - use code 'LUUNA20' at Annibody for 20% off on all their cute bodysuits! (discount code valid until April 30th). 

4. Shop from sustainable & organic grocery stores 

Some of our go-to places to get our groceries; Eat the Kiwi & SpiceBox Organics. 

Eat the Kiwi works with New Zealand producers and growers to supply an extensive range of high-quality ingredients, from artisanal dairy-free yoghurt to sustainably caught fish. You may ask – why New Zealand? NZ has a worldwide reputation for its unspoilt natural environment, pure water supply, fertile soils, clean air and lush pastures. Get your high quality Kiwi goodness delivered to your doorstep now. 

Looking for some organic freshly prepared grab & go meals while you shop for your daily organic pantry needs? Check out Spicebox Organics – a certified organic grocery store and café. They specialize in sourcing and distribution of high-quality food that is healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty. They are known as Hong Kong’s one-stop-shop for all organic pantry needs with a mission to inspire and educate the local community on making a better food choice. 

Both stores also stock the LUÜNA range - nice!

5. Eco-friendly alternatives @ Slowood

An easy place to get stuck in...so many beautiful things await your trip to Slowood. A walk around this humble space offering eco-friendly alternatives store will inspire you to take a step forward on your sustainable journey. Bulk soaps and hair care, reusable containers, beeswax plastic wrap alternatives and every plant based milk you can think of (we love the milkadamia). 

Every detail in the store coheres to the principles of zero waste, sustainability and harmony. If you’re looking for zero waste, and 100% plastic-free basic daily needs like groceries, pet supplies, personal care (spot our period cups!) – this is the place to go!

6. Follow Hong Kong eco advocates and learn how to take green steps to restore our earth 

Whenever we’re looking for some eco inspiration, we turn to the Earthero Project; a Hong Kong platform that introduces environmentally friendly alternatives, shares day-to-day lifestyle tips to reduce waste based on their first-hand experience and communicates issues relevant to our daily habits.


Recently, they created ‘Wear Earthero’ (insert link to site), a clothing brand designed to be comfortable, and suitable enough for everyday wear, and for anyone who wants to take them home (unisex!). They use dead-stock fabric and keep all scraps from their production to upcycle into hand-printed labels. Team LUÜNA loves their bucket hats that were made from dead-stock fabric! 

7. No more plastic bags! 

Before you say yes to “yiu ng yiu gao doi” (do you need a plastic bag?) - think twice and see whether you’re able to carry everything or put your items in your bag. Carry an extra reusable bag wherever you go (you can get foldable ones that don’t take up any space), for those unpredictable shopping sprees! 

Checkout KIRR- short for Keeping it Raw & Real, focuses on building a safe and clean community and making sustainable living more accessible to everyone. They sell one of our favorite reusable bags from Ever Eco - the Organic Cotton Net Tote Bag, a chic, lightweight bag perfect for carrying your daily essentials or groceries (it expands and stretches to carry all your goodies!). They also have a wide range of eco-friendly products, from beauty to jewelry, homeware and slow fashion - have fun shopping!

8. Recycle

Recycling in Hong Kong isn’t very accessible but it is getting easier! Start small by separating plastic, glass, metal or paper from your regular trash. Locate your nearest recycling centre (collection points) and make it a habit to visit weekly with your recyclables. 



If you’re looking to upgrade to sustainable period care, try out our plastic-free applicator tampons, or our period cups. To celebrate earth month, we’re gifting our limited edition upcycled period pouch when you spend over $300HKD! 

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