LUÜNA MUSE // Leslie

Our August LUÜNA muse Leslie is a model based in Hong Kong. Leslie's journey to self love might have been a long and winding path, but she is always true to herself, no BS, only the real Leslie!

Her journey with her body and self love

Leslie's body experienced a drastic change after she reached puberty, and her peers at school were not exactly the nicest. 

"I was bullied and excluded, the looks they gave me were just simply unpleasant. And I had to deal with all that alone."

Through her later journey to self acceptance and love, she has met kinder souls that share similar values as she does. And most importantly, the real ones that truly accept who she is. She also realised that not all of us are born with the understanding and concept of self love, it is something that you learn to grow within. 

"For some of us, who had been through the mill, learned to co-exist with our trauma and wounds, slowly then we could gather the love we have for ourselves, and be able to take care of ourselves."

Leslie's relationship with her period

We totally get it when Leslie describes how she struggles every month with the emotional symptoms during her period. "Not only do I experience physical discomfort, but also the unpredictable emotional symptoms, easily agitated, endless frustrations, and all that mood swings." We feel ya leslie. As bad as it could be, she always reminds herself that it would all come to an end in a week. 

"Every time my cycle ends, it feels like I’ve been renewed and regained my freedom. I’M BACK!"

In your words, how should we lift other women up?

"Between us girls, we have to learn to see each other with less judgement and comparisons. We can only elevate ourselves if we start to love, appreciate, and compliment each other a little more. Then we can all grow together, free from the restraints from within and gain true beauty.

We got to be a FREE BITCH!"

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