LUÜNA MUSE // Karen “Other people perceive us through our body, but our body is not the only representation within all the representation of us.”

Introducing Karen, our LUÜNA muse for wellness and self discovery. Like all of our Müse's, Karen represents everything Luüna stands for - being Bold, Honest, Transparent and Real. 

Like so many of us, Karen's relationship with her body is complicated. But through her journey of self-discovery, she's learned how to improve this through long-lasting lifestyle changes. Karen's now on a mission to share this with others.

Karen's journey has led her to becoming a co-founder of SANA, a clubhouse for self-empowerment and wellness. She created this space for self-exploration, a safe space where people can learn about (and use!) different tools to assist people with their self-exploration journey.

“Working on my mindsets from different angles, getting educated about health and confidence and moving my self-worth away from external cues, I’ve been able to improve my relationship with my body. It’s not really fair to perceive our body as just an object or a shell. This journey is something I want others to experience and Sana is about giving people that opportunity and guidance”Karen is still on her journey to improve her relationship with herself and her body, with a lot of reparenting and mindset adjustments to consistently work on. She's refreshingly honest and open to letting people into her reality, a reality that so many women experience but often do so alone. 

“It is naturally complicated, because other people perceive us through our body, but our body is not the only representation of us. I’m still working on it.”

Karen's relationship with her period has been a smooth sailing, no major concerns except a little struggling with tampons and cups. Karen is a proud pad user!

"I've really had troubles with using tampons and cups, trust me I’ve tried it all, and sometimes I feel guilty for not being shaped correctly for these things — but wtf! I should get to choose what I want to use too and I proudly represent pad-using people."“Lifting women up to me, means showing up for each other, making space for one another, and being understanding about the nuances of existing as a woman.


SANA is a safe space for self healing and empowerment. Through different exercises, Karen and her team help people to really look into themselves and find all the answers they need that are already deep within themselves.

“I hope part of our work in Sana and the services that we provide can really help everyone but women in particular, given we tend to hide our feelings. Through the process of reflection and asking our selves questions, I hope to help women feel more empowered to achieve their goals.”

Find Karen and her studio SANA on Instagram: @livewellbasics