“We are losing 30 soccer fields of soil every minute” - Interview with Organic Cotton Expert, Veronica

Everyone is (quite rightly) talking about the perils of plastic but the consequences of conventional cotton farming also pose an almighty threat to our planet. 

Veronica Yow is an organic cotton guru! She works first-hand with farmers, helping them switch to a healthier approach of agriculture. She’s also a pretty incredible woman, so we wanted to get to know her better.

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Part Two: Period Poverty in Hong Kong

This two-part article focuses on the work of Zoe Chan from Free Periods HK, showcasing her efforts in addressing menstruation in Hong Kong. Following Part One of this article exploring safe periods and the importance of body autonomy in Hong Kong, Part Two explores period poverty in Hong Kong, and how Zoe works to help low-income and grassroots families.

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Part One: Taboos Can Always Be Broken (hymens can't, FYI)

In this two-part article, we talk to Zoe Chan from Free Periods HK. Part One explores Zoe’s experience working to increase awareness on safe periods and importance of body autonomy in Hong Kong. Part Two discusses period poverty in Hong Kong, and how Zoe’s work helps low-income and grassroots families

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I refuse to hide who I am and I won't encourage others to do so • Karen

Don't let the Instagram pseudonym fool you, it's literally the only thing that's not real about Karen Chiang's life on Instagram. Here, she shares her views about 'social media realness,' resisting toxic messaging and saying NOPE to body image BS. 

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I know my body is strong - that gives me confidence • Sinki

"I don’t take my existence as a modern woman who can speak freely for granted. I choose to share my life and work because I think it’s our obligation to inspire a fearless approach to modern womanhood."Meet Hong Kong creative, Sinki Yau. 

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"Female strength is complex and comes in many forms " • Chenxi

In rural China, there is little support for young girls during adolescence. It's a journey that often remains 'invisible,' with the physical changes, transitions in psychological development and challenging interpersonal relationships often being navigated alone.

Meet Bright & Beautiful's co-founder Chenxi Ouyang, who believes that by empowering the next generation of girls, we can change the way society views womanhood in China.

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