How-To Use: Organic Cotton Plastic-Free Applicator Tampon

hey Ü!

introducing our new plastic-free applicator tampon! same hypoallergenic organic cotton core, new cardboard applicator for super comfortable insertion.

this new product deserved a special rollout so we teamed up with local artist and LUŪNA woman, Charlene Man, to bring you a sensational Limited Edition Set. 

it’s totally plastic-free and crafted with love by people with periods. why? because we uniquely understand just how much this experience typically SUCKS but also, how to make it better... toxin-free products, taboo-free education and kick-ass design from local artists. sound good? read on!

our applicator tampons are made with a super soft and hypoallergenic  organic cotton core, as well as a plastic-free cardboard applicator & paper wrappers. they come in Regular & Super absorbency, so you can choose what’s right for your flow. 

traditionally, applicator tampons from major brands are made of plastic. With an average menstruator disposing of 11,000 menstrual products in their lifetime, plastic applicators was never an option for us.

similar to our non-applicator tampons, when inserted correctly it should sit comfortably in your vagina and now with a little help from our applicator, these tampons absorb your period blood with the same organic cotton goodness that gives you comfortable, healthy and irritation-free periods. 

the women behind our brand use them, so you can feel safe to do so too!

How does it work?

  1. find a comfortable position and wash your hands.
  2. gently hold the skin around your vaginal opening.
  3. insert the tip of the cardboard applicator into your vaginal opening.
  4. push the inner tube until the tampon is released from the applicator completely.
  5. leave the string hanging outside of your body. 
  6. when it’s full, pull the string out and repeat the process!

Our tampons!

our LUÜNA tampons are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. this means they’re free from pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, dyes, dioxins and synthetic materials. we have two different absorbency levels, Regular and Super, to keep you leak-free throughout your cycle. 

and what’s more, our cardboard applicator, paper wrappers and packaging are all completely plastic-free!  

Got questions? The full FAQ on our tampons can be found on our How to Use Non-Applicator Tampons blog.

 photos by: @innerpeaceof_marcus @cheungjoproduction