How to Clean, Fold, Insert & Remove a LUÜNA Cup • Quick 3 Minute Read

How to clean, fold, insert & remove a LUÜNA cup

Breaking it down for you into four quick-fire parts

  1. Cleaning
  2. Folding
  3. Inserting
  4. Removing


The LUÜNA cup is a small, silicone cup which can be folded and inserted into your vaginal canal during your period, similar to a tampon.  Unlike a tampon though, it collects the blood, rather than absorbing it.


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    Before using your cup, it’s important to sterilize it. Place the cup in a saucepan, fill with boiling water and boil on the hob for 5 minutes.

    Don’t want to use a hob? That’s cool. Just fill a heat-proof bowl with boiling water and let the cup sit inside for 15 minutes.


    There are a few different ways to fold your cup, as you can see in the following GIFs.  Play around with them, and see what works best for you!

    The Punchdown

    [GIF description: using your finger, press the side of your cup inwards, until the ridge meets the centre of the inner base]

    The C fold

    [GIF description: press the cup sides flat, then fold so that the cup represents a C shape]

    The 7 fold

    [GIF description: press the cup sides flat together, then bring one half towards the outer side of the base of the cup]


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    1. Get comfortable & relax. If it’s your first time, find somewhere you feel totally comfortable, like your bedroom or bathroom and allow plenty of time. Millie, our cup-enthusiast and avid user, likes to insert hers on the loo.
    2. Fold the cup.
    3. Using one hand, hold your labia open slightly.
    4. Using the other hand, and holding the cup in it’s folded formation, insert towards your bum, at a slight horizontal angle (rather than straight up) into the opening of your vagina.
    5. Position it so that the base of the cup is just inside the entrance of your vagina.  It’s totz cool if the pokey bit (formally known as the stem) is poking out.
    6. Listen out for the “shlooooop” noise (the cup poppin’ open and creating its clever seal).
    7. Stand up, wiggle around and do a celebratory dance: you’ve cracked it.  Enjoy up to 12 hours of uber comfortable, healthy & planet-friendly menstrual flow control.


    1. Again, get comfortable. You’ve got time, so you can wait until you're in the comfort of your own bathroom.
    2. Insert one clean finger and feel out for the stem. It’s VERY LIKELY that the cup has nestled up a little bit further inside you. Once you’ve found it, edge it down and hold onto it.
    3. Once you have the stem firmly between your finger and thumb, gently slide a finger on the other hand in, and press against the cup base to release the suction.
    4. After you have released the suction (again, listen out for the “shlooooop” noise), then pull it out slowly.

    If you're struggling...

    • Try bearing down slightly (with no more intensity than if you were pooping). This will help to edge the cup down.
    • Head over to this post dedicated to guiding you through what to do when you're having difficulty removing it