Cycle Wellness - Why Do We Love Peony and Rose?

"Peonies and roses are the two flowers that relate to the feminine energy the most."

We feel your pain when the cramps strike us hard. The Luüna team has been on the lookout for alternative ways to alleviate our cycle discomforts. That's why we created a range of sustainably-made candles to help us value and harness the power of our cycles.

Our very first scent in this range is Cramp Relief, created with the natural essence of Peony and Rose. This special scent with advice from Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and Aromatherapist from Balance Health Clinic - a Holistic Health clinic. We had a chat with the practitioners and healers at Balance Health, learned all about the amazing benefits that peony and rose have to offer and some tips to alleviate cramps and discomfort. Let's dive in: 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective...


Why Peony and Rose? 

In TCM, it is believed that cramps may be caused by stagnation of qi in the liver. We use these two herbs to treat the problems with the liver. These two herbs can pamper the qi of liver, and improve the qi movement during your cycle.

Any tips on our diet? 

It’s better to avoid cold and raw food before and after your period. During your period, we recommend you to eat more food like ginger and red dates that have more warming properties.

What about some home remedies to alleviate cramps?

I would recommend to have a foot-bath during your period, simply with hot water is enough. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can add some Sichuan pepper or ginger as well. In TCM, we believe there’s a meridian point on your feet that connects to your kidney system which benefits women during their menstruation. That’s why it’s good to focus and provide more heat to that meridian point through a foot-bath. It’s also good to have a heat pad on your stomach too to alleviate your cramps.

Intuitive Energy Healing Perspective...


What are the energy properties of Peony and Rose?

Peony has been used in TCM for thousands of years to heal women related issues like fertility, endometriosis, menstrual cramps. But on an energy healing framework, peonies and roses are the two flowers that relate to the feminine energy the most.

For peony, its energetic property represents the state of receiving. Women are very absorbent in nature, we are very empathetic and sensitive. However in the modern day society, a lot of women don’t know how to give and receive love equally. So they end up giving more than they receive, and that creates an imbalance in their mental and emotional health.

When it comes to healing the body, rose is in the most resonance with a woman, the divine feminine essence. So in energy healing, for visualisation we use it a lot. We have women envision that they have rose petals blossoming out of their heart chakra, and their sacral chakra, to really bring the higher energy into their womb space and into their heart space.

We hope the next time you're feeling uneasy with PMS, or having a real battle with your menstrual cramps, you could just light our Cramp Relief Candle, and let the essence of peony and rose calm your discomfort and pamper your womb.

Stay tuned for more blog content on alternative, holistic healing methods to alleviate your cramps. Ibuprofen might be an easy solution, but there are more natural methods that we can all learn about.